Bluegrass Ceili Academy dancers

Founded in Lexington in 2015, the Bluegrass Ceili Academy brings nearly two decades of Irish dance teaching experience and ceili expertise from around the world to Central Kentucky. Our philosophy is simple: Perspective, experience, community and mission matter.

What is ceili dancing? Irish ceili (pronounced kay-lee) dancing is the traditional group dancing native to Ireland, first taught by tradition and then, in 1939, put into writing by the Irish dancing commission. The dances we teach are those generations-old dances handed down through the years, as well as newly developed original choreographies.

Perspective matters

The love of dance and music knows no age limit. Academy director and fifth generation Lexingtonian Megan Moloney learned Irish dance as an adult, proving that it isn’t just an activity for children. It’s a perspective she brings to her teaching style – pairing the fun of learning dance, with the thrill of performing and competing. Instructor Mary Beth Taylor, the child of an Irish mother from Galway and a father from Idaho, grew up dancing in Georgia and Washington, D.C, but has been living and dancing in Dublin, Ireland, since 2002.

Experience matters

Our teaching staff spans the globe, with dancers and educators who have shared their love for Irish dance with students around the world. Megan and Mary Beth first crossed paths in Washington, D.C. when they danced together at the Culkin School. In 2020, when dance classes went virtual, the two partnered to bring their global connections to students in Lexington and around the U.S. Find out more about our team of dedicated instructors.

Community matters

Being an active part of our community is part of who we are.  With classes offered through Lexington Parks and Recreation, we are committed to providing affordable access to Irish dance in Central Kentucky. Being active in our community is also important; our dancers regularly participate in community festivals and events.

Mission matters

The Bluegrass Ceili Academy is dedicated to promoting traditional Irish dance by providing a supportive learning environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Interested in dancing with us? Find out more about learning Irish dance in Lexington, Kentucky.

Bluegrass Ceili Academy: Experience you can trust

Bluegrass Ceili Academy is certified under An Coimisuin le Rinci Gaelacha, the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, the Irish Dancers Teachers Association of Mid-America and is a member of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America Southern Region.